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Expertise in software development, strategy and operations to help you innovate at speed and scale.

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Accelerate your development by leveraging learnk8s expertise in deploying production-ready Kubernetes for the hottest start-ups and the largest enterprises. Our engineers will help you:

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    Validate your Kubernetes setup and identify opportunities for resource optimisation and cost-savings

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    Inspect security risks and propose mitigations for sensitive data

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    Refine your CI/CD pipeline to speed up your software delivieries

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    Test the cluster for reselience and scaling under high traffic

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If you can quickly make small changes to your software, get them to market, and get rapid feedback you are reducing the cost and time of delivery. Transforming how you deliver software in this way - making it faster, more frequent and scalable - means that you can exponentially increase the value you create for your customers.

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The speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public cloud means that it is an invaluable enabler in any software innovation drive or digital transformation. Learn how to benefit from the cloud and speed up your software development cycle.

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Cloud-native applications are delivered as flexible, scalable microservices in the cloud, where we can fully automate and software-define more of the stack. Leaern how to design, build, deploy and run cloud native application platforms, which drive real business value and competitive advantage.

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