Online Kubernetes courses

Learn best practices and common pitfall of deploying and scale apps in Kubernetes with the Learnk8s' hands-on, online courses.

Enjoy all the Kubernetes content from Learnk8s and get access to future courses.

The expert package

Includes access to the following courses

Price: USD 499.00

Limited offer -20%: USD 399.00

Guided paths that help you learn Kubernetes one step at the time.

  • Difficulty: Entry level Intermediate

    If you need to quickly become productive at Kubernetes to tackle the next big project at work, this is the perfect collection of courses for you.

    You will learn the basics as well as advanced deployment strategies to get your apps ready to a production Kubernetes cluster. The bundle includes access to the following courses:

    1. Linux containers and Kubernetes
    2. Kubernetes fundamentals
    3. Deployment strategies

    Price: USD 89.00

    Limited offer -20%: USD 89.00

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    • Linux containers and Kubernetes
    • Kubernetes fundamentals
    • Advanced deployment strategies
  • Difficulty: Intermediate Advanced

    If you really want to learn Kubernetes, you should build and break your cluster.

    The following collection of courses are designed to dig deeper into Kubernetes internal components:

    1. Kubernetes Architecture
    2. Networking in Kubernetes
    3. Advanced networking

    Price: USD 119.00

    Limited offer -20%: USD 119.00

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    • Architecture
    • Networking
    • Advanced networking
  • Difficulty: Intermediate Advanced

    Operating clusters with dozens, hundreds or thousands of microservices requires expertise and a solid plan.

    The following collection of courses are designed to help you create your services with scalability and flexibility in mind.

    1. Autoscaling
    2. Templating Kubernetes resources
    3. Service meshes

    Price: USD 119.00

    Limited offer -20%: USD 119.00

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    • autoscaling
    • Templating resources
    • Service meshes