Kubernetes training
for engineers

Develop the knowledge and skills to get the most out of Kubernetes with hands-on remote and in-person instructor-led classes.

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Kubernetes is particularly well known for having a steep learning curve.

It's also very early days, and the technology is changing at a fast pace.

How do you quickly get up to speed when everything around it is moving quickly?

At Learnk8s we have the best resources to master Kubernetes so that you can:

  • Decide which one of the dozen ways to install Kubernetes is right for your team
  • Speak the Kubernetes lingo and communicate with the rest of the industry
  • Architect micro-services that scale and leverage the strength and weaknesses of the platform
  • Get up to speed quickly without drowning in the amount of incomplete/outdated documentation

Learn Kubernetes online with hands-on material.

You will learn how to create, package and deploy your applications to Kubernetes from the comfort of your home.

There's no deadline: enjoy learning Kubernetes and solving challenges at your pace.

  • Interactive lectures
  • Hands-on material
  • Designed for visual learners
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Learn at your own pace
Instructor-led training

Instructor-led, hands-on modular courses that will train you and your team on how to deploy apps into Kubernetes.

The training course draws from the real world examples making it perfect to quickly get up to speed with containers and Kubernetes.

  • Public courses
  • Private courses
  • Hands-on material
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Have you already built a Kubernetes cluster, but want the confidence it won't die when you move into production?

Our engineers have deployed production-ready Kubernetes for the hottest start-ups and the largest Enterprises.

Their wide variety of experience will enable you to get the most out of Kubernetes and make sure you avoid unnecessary issues and pitfalls.

  • Evaluate Kubernetes in your organisation
  • Assess your Kubernetes practices
  • Standardise your processes
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