Learn Kubernetes weekly — issue 10

18 Jan 2023

  1. Kubernetes failure stories

    Henning Jacobs

    A compiled list of links to public failure stories related to Kubernetes.

  2. Comparing resource consumption in k0s vs k3s vs MicroK8s

    Neil Cresswell

    This article compares K0S, K3S, and MicroK8s, and the resources required for each.

  3. Backup-and-restore of containers with Kubernetes checkpointing API

    Martin Heinz

    Kubernetes v1.25 introduced Container Checkpointing API — a way to backup-and-restore containers running in Pods, without stopping them.

    In this article, you'll take a look at it and learn how to leverage it for backup-and-restore or forensic analysis.

  4. Design patterns for extensible controllers

    Zoltan Magyar

    This article aims to showcase some examples of how to design extensible controllers and operators for Kubernetes.

  5. Pitfalls reloading files from Kubernetes secret & ConfigMap volumes

    Ahmet Alp Balkan

    Files on Kubernetes Secret and ConfigMap volumes work in peculiar and undocumented ways when watching changes to these files with the inotify syscall.

    Your typical file watch that works outside Kubernetes might not work as you expect.

  6. Why you should avoid Sealed Secrets in your GitOps deployment

    Denilson Nastacio

    In this article, you will discuss the pitfalls and alternatives of Sealed Secrets as you move your deployments to production using GitOps.

Articles worth checking out:

  1. About my PDF-Editor project

    Dipankar Das

    In this tutorial, you will follow Dipankar's journey in building a web-based PDF editor using modern web technology and infrastructure.

    Dipankar linked all the online resources that he used to learn those technologies while building the project.

  2. Creating a simple web app to list Kubernetes resources

    Shay Ulmer

    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a simple app that lists resources on the Kubernetes cluster it runs on.

    In the process, you will also learn how to utilize Service Accounts, RBAC, the Python client, Ingress and more.

  3. Cilium CNI on EKS using secondary CIDR and prefix delegation

    Benoit Mouquet

    In this tutorial, you will learn how the Cilium CNI can be deployed on EKS using Terraform and how to use it for VPC secondary CIDR and prefix delegation.

  4. GKE with NGINX service mesh

    Joaquín Menchaca (智裕)

    This tutorial has 2 parts:

    1. NSM (NGINX Service Mesh) for east-west traffic to secure traffic between services in the cluster.
    2. NGINX-Plus Ingress Controller for north-south traffic to secure incoming traffic.

    More: https://joachim8675309.medium.com/gke-with-nginx-service-mesh-8b1073af07bf

    • Software Engineer with Coinrule

    • Salary: £25K to £45K a year

    • Location: fully remote

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, AWS

    • Site Reliability Engineer with GoGuardian

    • Salary: $170K to $200K a year

    • Location: remote from the United States

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Terraform, Gitlab, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Puppet

    • DevOps Engineer with Scandio

    • Salary: €45K to €70K a year

    • Location: based in the office in München, Germany

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, ArgoCD, Terraform

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  1. aws-samples/eks-multi-cluster-gitops

    This repo contains the implementation of a multi-cluster GitOps system on EKS.

  2. jkosik/helm-decomposer

    helm-decomposer decomposes Helm packages and visualizes the hierarchy of subcharts and images.

  3. actions-runner-controller/actions-runner-controller

    Actions Runner Controller (ARC) is a Kubernetes controller for GitHub Actions self-hosted runners.

    With ARC, you can:

    • Deploy self-hosted runners on Kubernetes clusters with a simple set of commands.
    • Auto scale runners based on demand.
  4. crumbhole/argocd-lovely-plugin

    This plugin extends ArgoCD with:

    • Composing multiple things together to form a single app from multiple directories.
    • Helm + Kustomize just work.
    • You can chain several plugins together.
    • When used with application sets, you can apply Kustomizations.
  5. erjadi/kubecraftadmin

    KubeCraftAdmin: this project allows you to do basic Kubernetes administration through Minecraft.

Other interesting projects:

Upcoming Kubernetes events

  1. Jan


    Kubernetes operator workflows & writing Kubernetes operators in Python

    Online & in-person meetup organized by Bratislava.

    • Location: Bratislava, SK and virtual

    • This is a free event.

  2. Jan


    Reuse and scale bare metal servers to 1000 nodes & Extending Containerd and CRI-O

    In-person meetup organized by Kubernetes and CNCF Finland Meetup.

    • Location: Kirkkonummi, FI

    • This is a free event.

  3. Jan


    Kubernetes is secure by default. Except it is not & ArgoCD + GitOps

    In-person meetup organized by Kubernetes and Cloud Brno.

    • Location: Brno-střed, CZ

    • This is a free event.

  4. Jan


    So long Hadoop: moving data platforms to Kubernetes

    Online meetup organized by Platform Engineers (ATX).

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  5. Jan


    Understanding container internals

    Online meetup organized by Software Security Bangalore.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  6. Jan


    Advanced Kubernetes course

    Online workshop organized by Learnk8s.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This event requires an entrance fee

  7. Feb


    Civo Navigate

    In-person conference organized by Civo.

    • Location: Tampa Bay, FL, USA

    • This event requires an entrance fee

      • Use SP50 to get 50% discount

Discover more Kubernetes events on Kube Events →

It's only 3 weeks to Civo Navigate — the cloud-native tech conference in Tampa Bay!

You can sign up here.

Until next time!

— Dan

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