Learn Kubernetes weekly — issue 19

22 Mar 2023

It's less than a week to KubeCon EU & Cloud Native Rejekts!

Don't miss the most important Kubernetes events in Europe this year!

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  1. ahmetb/kubectl-foreach

    kubectl-foreach is a kubectl plugin that runs a kubectl command in one or more contexts (clusters) in parallel (similar to GNU parallel/xargs).

  2. Exploiting Distroless images

    Daniel Teixeira

    In this article, you will learn how abuse of functionality in the OpenSSL binary, installed in the official Google Container Tools Distroless Base container image, allows for command execution and arbitrary file read and write on distroless containers.

  3. Deploying non-deployable things on ArgoCD with kustomize, handling edge cases

    Damian Kęska

    In this article, you will learn how to extend Kustomize with custom behaviour using Go.

    Then, you will use your plugin to customise ArgoCD with custom logic.

  4. Communication between microservices in a Kubernetes cluster

    Narasimha Prasanna HN

    This article discusses the various ways in which microservices in Kubernetes can communicate with each other.

    It provides an example of two pods, one acting as an HTTP web server and the other as a curl client that makes a request to the web server.

  5. Managing database migrations safely in high replicated Kubernetes deployment

    Raul Castellanos

    In this article, you will learn how to run database migrations in Kubernetes using the Job resource, init containers and rolling updates.

  6. Liveness probes: feel the pulse of the app

    Roman Belshevitz (Balashevich)

    This article provides some helpful examples to correctly configure your liveness, startup and readiness probes in Kubernetes.

Articles worth checking out:

  1. Full CI/CD workflow with Skaffold for your application

    Raul Castellanos

    In this 3-part series, you will learn how to build a complete workflow from a local environment to production, using Skaffold, Gitlab, Kustomize, Kaniko and Terraform.

  2. Developing a Kustomize custom plugin with containerized KRM function using Go

    Thirumurthi S

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop a custom plugin for Kustomize using container KRM functions.

    • DevOps Engineer with Paymentology

    • Salary: £40K to £65K a year

    • Location: remote from the United Kingdom

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Shell, Powershell, Python, Terraform, Cloudformation

    • DevOps Engineer with Siemens

    • Salary: $95.8K to $172K a year

    • Location: based in the office (and remote from home) in Remote (Charlotte, US)

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, On-premise, OpenShift, ArgoCD, Docker, Shell, Perl, Python, Terraform, Cloudformation

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  1. jetpack-io/launchpad

    Launchpad is a command-line tool that lets you easily create applications on Kubernetes.

    In practice, Launchpad works similarly to Heroku or Vercel, except everything is on Kubernetes.

  2. kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm

    etcdadm is a command-line tool for operating an etcd cluster.

    It makes it easy to create a new cluster, add a member to, or remove a member from an existing cluster.

    Its user experience is inspired by kubeadm.

  3. kube-vip/kube-vip

    kube-vip provides Kubernetes clusters with a virtual IP and load balancer for both the control plane (for building a highly-available cluster) and Kubernetes Services of type LoadBalancer without relying on any external hardware or software.

  4. otterize/network-mapper

    Otterize network mapper creates a map of in-cluster traffic by capturing DNS traffic and inspecting active connections.

  5. kube-bind/kube-bind

    kube-bind is a new extension model for Kubernetes clusters:

    • Service providers can bind APIs to a cluster.
    • These APIs should not require custom controllers.
    • Only a single agent should be required.

Other interesting projects:

Upcoming Kubernetes events

  1. Mar


    Helm hacks for Kubernetes

    Online webinar organized by CNCF.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  2. Mar


    Kubernetes Community Days Israel

    In-person conference organized by KCD Israel 2023.

    • Location: Tel-Aviv, IL

    • This event requires an entrance fee

  3. Mar


    Introducing the OWASP top ten for Kubernetes

    Online meetup organized by OWASP Triangle Chapter.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  4. Mar


    Best practices onboarding apps to a Kubernetes-based platform

    Online webinar organized by Red Hat.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  5. Mar


    Microsoft cloud native day

    Online webinar organized by Microsoft.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  6. Apr


    Advanced Kubernetes course

    Online workshop organized by Learnk8s.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This event requires an entrance fee

  7. May


    Devoxx UK 2023

    In-person conference organized by Devoxx UK.

    • Location: London, UK

    • This event requires an entrance fee

  8. Jun



    Online conference organized by PlatformEngineering.org.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

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