Learn Kubernetes weekly — issue 3

30 Nov 2022

TL;DR: level up your Kubernetes HA game, inspecting Kubernetes networking, pod readiness gates, AWS Secret manager, yq & a free ebook.

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  1. Improving application availability with pod readiness gates

    Martin Heinz

    Ensuring your app is available and ready to serve traffic is easy with Pod liveness and readiness probes.

    However, not all apps are built to leverage those.

    Readiness gates allow us to create custom status condition types to solve this challenge.

  2. Inspecting and understanding the Kubernetes service network

    Harinderjit Singh

    This guide covers how Services are implemented in Kubernetes and how endpoints are propagated to kube-proxy and CoreDNS.

  3. High availability considerations

    This document contains a collection of community-provided considerations for setting up High Availability Kubernetes clusters.

  4. Performance evaluation of the autoscaling strategies vertical and horizontal using Kubernetes

    Kewyn Akshlley

    Scalable applications may adopt horizontal or vertical autoscaling to dynamically provision resources in the cloud.

    To help to choose the best strategy, this article compares the performance of horizontal and vertical autoscaling in Kubernetes.

  5. [PDF] From Containers to Kubernetes with Node.js

    Kathleen Juell

    This (free) book is designed as an introduction to containers and Kubernetes by way of Node.js.

  6. Migrating our cron jobs to Kubernetes

    Liam Wharton

    In this case study, you will learn how the Engineering team at Kudos migrated all of their scheduled tasks to Kubernetes CronJobs.

Articles worth checking out:

  1. Parsing Kubernetes YAML with yq

    Stefanie Lai

    yq is a convenient tool for creating, updating and mangling Kubernetes YAML files.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use it as well as some practical tips and tricks.

  2. Fetching AWS Secrets Manager secrets on Pod launch (securely)

    Kyler Middleton

    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to inject secrets in your Pods directly from AWS Secret Manager using the AWS Secrets Manager CSI Driver.

  3. AWS EKS: the ultimate guide to deploy an ingress controller on Kubernetes

    Akintola L. F. Adjibao

    In this article, you'll learn how to set up an Ingress Controller on EKS in 5 steps:

    1. Creating a cluster with EKSctl.
    2. Creating the IAM OIDC provider.
    3. Creating an IAM Policy.
    4. Creating the Role.
    5. Installing the ALB Ingress controller.
  4. Detecting Kubernetes API deprecations with Pluto

    Friedrich Kurz

    In this article, you will learn how to detect Kubernetes API deprecations with Pluto — a utility to help users find deprecated Kubernetes API versions in their code repositories and their helm releases.

    • DevOps Engineer with RXMG

    • Salary: $140K to $170K a year

    • Location: remote from the United States

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, Docker, SQL, PHP, Python, Terraform, Gitlab, Datadog

    • Platform Engineer with ArborXR

    • Salary: $114K to $145K a year

    • Location: remote from the United States

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, GCP, Docker, PHP, GraphQL, Pulumi, Gitlab

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  1. flyteorg/flyte

    Flyte is a workflow automation platform for complex, mission-critical data, and ML processes at scale built on Kubernetes.

  2. jordanwilson230/kubectl-plugins

    This repo contains two kubectl plugins:

    1. kubectl exec-as — Like kubectl exec, but offers a --user flag to exec as root (or any other user).
    2. kubectl prompt — Displays a warning prompt when issuing commands in a flagged cluster or namespace.
  3. weaveworks-liquidmetal/flintlock

    Flintlock is a service for creating and managing the lifecycle of microVMs on a host machine.

    The primary use case is to create microVMs on a bare-metal host where the microVMs will be used as nodes in a virtualized Kubernetes cluster.

  4. jovianx/helm-release-plugin

    helm-release-plugin is a Helm plugin that pulls (re-creates) Helm Charts from deployed releases and updates values of deployed releases without the chart.

  5. zawachte/cluster-api-k3s

    Cluster API bootstrap provider k3s (CABP3) is a component of Cluster API that is responsible for generating a cloud-init script to turn a Machine into a Kubernetes node.

    This implementation brings up k3s clusters instead of full kubernetes clusters.

Other interesting projects:

Upcoming Kubernetes events

  1. Dec


    Encrypted and immutable operating systems for Kubernetes

    In-person meetup organized by Kubernetes Nürnberg.

    • Location: Nürnberg, DE

    • This is a free event.

  2. Dec


    Helm 101

    Online meetup organized by Cloud Native Chennai.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  3. Dec


    Advanced Kubernetes course

    In-person workshop organized by Learnk8s.

    • Location: Munich, DE

    • This event requires an entrance fee

  4. Dec


    WebAssembly and Kubernetes!

    Online meetup organized by Cloud Native Canada.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

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