Learn Kubernetes weekly — issue 5

14 Dec 2022

News from this week:

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  1. Graceful shutdown in a cloud environment (the example of Kubernetes + Spring Boot)


    In this article, you'll learn why it is crucial to think about graceful shutdown in Kubernetes and how you can approach this task.

  2. Load balancing and scaling long-lived connections in Kubernetes

    Daniele Polencic

    Kubernetes doesn't load balance long-lived connections, and some pods might receive more requests than others.

    If you're using gRPC, AMQP or any other long-lived connection (e.g. database), you might want to consider client-side load balancing.

  3. Halving Kubernetes compute costs with vertical pod autoscaler

    Garrett Sweeney

    In this article, you'll learn how the team at Compass managed to reduce the need for over 50 per cent of the total nodes in each cluster (halving their compute costs) by using the vertical pod autoscaler.

  4. So you need to wait for some Kubernetes resources?


    There are at least two ways to wait for Kubernetes resources you probably care about:

    1. kubectl wait for Pods and
    2. initContainers for everything else.

    Learn more about those techniques in this article.

  5. Autoscale large container images faster using Longhorn


    In this article, you will learn how to speed up downloading and running large container images (20-40GB) in your Kubernetes cluster using Longhorn.

  6. A detailed explanation of Kubernetes architecture principles


    This article presents six questions (and answers) aimed at gaining a better understanding of the Kubernetes architecture.

Articles worth checking out:

  1. Kubernetes storage classes

    Hrittik Roy

    Storage Classes are an essential part of Kubernetes, and can provide a great deal of flexibility and control over how your data is stored.

    This guide provides an in-depth tutorial on using storage classes effectively.

  2. Hosting your own Helm chart on GitHub with chart releaser

    Schwannden Kuo

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to host your Helm chart on GitHub.

    • Platform Engineer with DFDS

    • Salary: £45K to £55K a year

    • Location: based in the office in Grimsby, England

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Docker, C#, Python, Go, Terraform

    • DevOps Engineer with SOCi

    • Salary: $170K to $190K a year

    • Location: remote from the United States

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, Shell

    • DevOps Engineer with BrickBite

    • Salary: €45K to €55K a year

    • Location: remote from Germany

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, On-premise, Gitlab, Ansible, Prometheus

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  1. kubernetes-sigs/kueue

    Kueue is a set of APIs and controller for job queueing.

    It is a job-level manager that decides when a job should be admitted to start (as in pods can be created) and when it should stop (as in active pods should be deleted).

  2. flant/shell-operator

    Shell-operator provides an integration layer between Kubernetes cluster events and shell scripts by treating scripts as hooks triggered by events.

  3. opsgenie/kubernetes-event-exporter


    kubernetes-event-exporter lets you export Kubernetes events to multiple destinations with routing and filtering so that they can be used for observability or alerting purposes.

  4. koslib/awesome-containerized-security

    awesome-containerized-security is a collection of tools to improve your containerized apps security posture.

  5. metalbear-co/mirrord

    mirrord is a tool that lets developers run local processes in the context of their cloud environment.

    It's meant to provide the benefits of running your service on a cloud environment without going through the hassle of deploying it.

Other interesting projects:

Upcoming Kubernetes events

  1. Dec


    External secrets operator: cloud native way to manage secrets

    Online & in-person meetup organized by Cloud Native Türkiye & Kubernetes.

    • Location: İstanbul and virtual

    • This is a free event.

  2. Dec


    Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery, Longhorn as a back-end for micro services & Volcano

    Online & in-person meetup organized by Kubernetes and CNCF Finland Meetup.

    • Location: Helsinki, FI and virtual

    • This is a free event.

  3. Jan


    How Audi boosted time-to-market through cultural change & security first

    Online webinar organized by F5 Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  4. Jan


    How to scale enterprise-wide Kubernetes adoption

    Online webinar organized by Platform Engineering.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  5. Jan


    Advanced Kubernetes course

    Online workshop organized by Learnk8s.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This event requires an entrance fee

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