Learn Kubernetes weekly — issue 7

28 Dec 2022

  1. Addressing IPv4 address exhaustion in Amazon EKS clusters using private NAT gateways

    Viji Sarathy and Sheetal Joshi

    This post highlights the advantages of implementing a network architecture with a private NAT Gateway to deploy an Amazon EKS cluster.

    This enables communication across Amazon EKS clusters deployed to VPCs with overlapping CIDRs.

  2. What happens when deleting a pod

    Meng Yan

    Whenever you remove a pod from Kubernetes, what does it do to prevent outside traffic from entering the dying pod?

    How does the pod internally sense that it is about to be removed and perform a graceful shutdown?

    Discover the answers in this article.

  3. Addressing latency and data transfer costs on EKS using Istio

    Mahalingam Sivaprakasam and Abhinav Krishna Vadlapatla

    In this blog, you will learn how to use Istio topology-aware routing to reduce latency and data transfer costs between EKS nodes deployed in different Availability Zones.

  4. Kubernetes resources under the hood

    Shon Lev-Ran

    This 3-part series covers how Kubernetes resources (CPU and memory) work.

    You will learn the following:

    • CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler)
    • Pod priorities.
    • Quality of Services.
    • How scheduling works.
    • OOM.
  5. Troubleshooting Kubernetes nodes storage space shortage on Alibaba Cloud

    Stephen Cow Chau

    In this article, you will follow Stephen's journey to identifying the root cause for cluster nodes running out of space on the Aliyun cloud.

  6. Kubernetes events: in-depth guide & examples

    Tyler Charboneau

    Kubernetes events help you understand how Kubernetes resource decisions are made and they can be helpful for debugging.

    Learn more about k8s events in this in-depth guide.

Articles worth checking out:

  1. GitOps for Helm users

    Scott Rigby

    In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to convert a Helm chart into declarative Custom Resources for Flux and gradually migrate your workloads to be GitOps-friendly.

  2. Containers without Docker: Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo

    Cedric Clyburn

    In this article, you will learn how you can use Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo as replacements for the traditional Docker workflow, without the use of a daemon or root privileges.

  3. Using Flux in Kubernetes

    Siebren Zwerver

    In this tutorial you will learn how to use Flux in Kubernetes with Helm and Kustomize.

    • Platform Engineer with SCIGILITY

    • Salary: CHF 115K to CHF 130K a year

    • Location: based in the office in Zurich, Switzerland

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, On-premise, AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Ansible

    • DevOps Engineer with WealthKernel

    • Salary: $60K to $70K a year

    • Location: remote from the United Kingdom

    • Tech stack: Kubernetes, Azure, GCP, C#, Go, Python, Terraform

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  1. coderanger/migrations-operator

    Migrations-Operator is a Kubernetes operator to manage database migrations or similar application setup tasks.

  2. awslabs/aws-kubernetes-migration-factory

    Kubernetes Migrations Factory (KMF) is a tool developed for migrating docker containers to Amazon EKS.

    KMF is written in Golang and offers a command-line interface.

  3. fairwindsops/gonogo

    GoNoGo is a utility to help users determine upgrade confidence around Kubernetes cluster addons.

  4. g-research/armada

    Armada is a multi-Kubernetes cluster batch queuing system for high-throughput workloads.

  5. aws/eks-charts

    This repository contains all official Amazon EKS Helm charts.

Other interesting projects:

Upcoming Kubernetes events

  1. Dec


    Ansible and Kubernetes deep dive

    Online meetup organized by ITGilde Tech-Talks.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  2. Jan


    WasmEdge on managed Kubernetes with KWasm

    Online meetup organized by SF Cloud Native - WebAssembly Meetup Group.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  3. Jan


    Kubernetes v1.25 everything you should know

    Online meetup organized by Cloud Native Chennai.

    • This is a virtual event

    • This is a free event.

  4. Feb


    Advanced Kubernetes course

    In-person workshop organized by Learnk8s.

    • Location: Amsterdam, NL

    • This event requires an entrance fee

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