Creating Kubernetes clusters with Terraform

Creating Kubernetes clusters with Terraform

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In this series, you will get started with infrastructure as code (IaC) with Terraform.

By the end of each article, you will build strong confidence in provisioning Kubernetes clusters through tutorials and code examples.

Provision production-ready Kubernetes clusters

Imagine provisioning a Kubernetes cluster through a web interface such as the AWS Management console.

There are plenty of configuration options and screens that you have to complete before using the cluster.

When you create the cluster manually, can you be sure that:

The process is error-prone and doesn't scale well if you have more than a single cluster.

A better option is defining a file containing all the configuration flags and using it as a blueprint to create the cluster.

And that's precisely what you can do with infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform.

At Learnk8s, we've prepared an in-depth guide designed to help you:

All of the articles have code snippets, so you can start building your production-ready cluster.

You can find the guides here:

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