Kubernetes for developers minicourse

Kubernetes for developers minicourse

Articles in this series

In this series of blog posts you will launch a local Kubernetes cluster, develop an app using Node.js and Express and deploy it as a container in Kubernetes.

Learning how to design and architect applications that leverage Kubernetes is the most valuable skill that you could learn to be successful in deploying and scaling in the cloud.

In this guide, you will develop and deploy an application for note-taking similar to Evernote and Google Keep.

Here is how the app looks like:

Adding images and notes in Knote

The plan

In this course you will learn how to:

  1. Develop applications for Kubernetes using Express.js and Node.js and package it using Linux (and Docker) containers.
  2. Set up a local Kubernetes environment with minikube and how to deploy applications in it.
  3. Scale your application to more than a single instance.
  4. Deploy your app in the cloud using Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their managed Kubernetes offering.

Let's start!

For the first part, you will code the application.